My past artistic expression has included acrylic painting, ink sketching, videography, and graphic design. Through my teenage and early twenties I was never satisfied, always felt like something was missing, and that I could not completely execute what was in my mind to its potential.
In 2008 I picked up my first DSLR and began to realize what I was missing. The aspect of capturing reality as opposed to creating it from scratch  is what drew me in.  I just could not create that type of image with my own drawing hand. This is why I love photography.


My photography is fun , playful and driven by a powerful curiosity to pursue a unique perspective. In 2009 I received my degree from Prairie View School of Photography.  In 2009 I ran my business  for approximately 2 years and starting in 2010, meditation intrigued me to begin to understand myself more deeply.  This research competed for my  time and due to this new interest, my photography business was not prioritized. From a 2011 to 2013 I practiced very little of my image work and in the last year  I have reestablished myself in this profession.


Currently my portfolio is small due to losing over 50,000 images in theft. And as part of my relaunching, I am offering discounted rates to built my portfolio.

We can use flash or outdoor lighting for our sessions.



Services Offered

Wedding Photography $575.00 4 hours/  $1075.00 8 hours/ Terms can Vary/ Individual Packages can be assembled

Family/Couple Portraits2-4 people (additional cost per person $15.oo) 150.00/Hr/10-15 images on disc

Single/Head Shot/Model/Baby Portraits 135.00/Hr

Product Photography 50.00/Item/ Terms can Vary

Photo Retouching $30.00/Photo/ Have a photo that is old and needs to be refinished? I can help

Photography Lessons $35.00/Hr

All sessions you will receive a disc with top images (chosen by photographer) fully optimized, web ready, print ready!

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